AX-Consulting - Technical consulting - Tampere

AX-Consulting comprises a group of three companies that began operations in the spring of 1993. The AX-Consulting group of companies are:
AX-LVI Consulting Ltd, AX-Process Ltd and AX-Konsultit Ltd.

The employees wholly own the companies and the scope of our operations do not recognise company borders. The past few years has seen the recruitment of a large number of new experts. At present, we number over 100.

AX-Consulting is a technical design and consulting office. Our comprehensive package of expert services includes building services technology design that consists of HVAC, electricity, building automation, and cooling technology for industry and service buildings.

In addition to building services technology our areas of expertise include environmental engineering, district heating plants, natural gas networks, process and factory planning, heat pump technology, measurement services and cleanrooms. In addition to the consulting work, we carry out research and study projects in our areas of expertise.

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