AX-Consulting’s cleanroom services comprise project planning and system specification, the required detailed cleanroom design for air-conditioning, piping, electricity, automation and clean room panels, in addition to contract inquiries, commissioning and acceptance, training, follow-up, measurement, yield improvement in production, and trouble shooting.

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AX-Consulting cleanroom services

The indoor air quality requirements for service sector and industrial buildings are normally defined to ensure good occupational health. When the requirements are the other way round, i.e., when indoor air quality is defined by the requirements of manufacturing or other activities, we are talking about cleanrooms. In most cases, the aim of cleanrooms is to protect manufacturing from impurities caused by the human body. In addition to good indoor air quality, the humidity control of air is also necessary in many cases.

Cleanrooms are commonly used in various sectors of society. In the public sector, cleanrooms are used in research laboratories, universities and hospitals. In the private sector, cleanrooms are also used in laboratories and in various other fields of industry such as in the pharmaceutical, electronics and food processing industries. In addition, cleanrooms are used in industries that produce material and intermediate products for those industries using cleanrooms.

A cleanroom is planned to have a positive pressure in relation to its surroundings, and therefore the envelope of a cleanroom must be as airtight as possible. Fewer air leaks mean smaller investments in air-handling units and lower operating costs.

To facilitate the easy cleaning and good air tightness of the cleanroom envelope, cleanrooms are made of special cleanroom panels. A cleanroom is typically a building within a building. As a result, pressure differences are easy to control and condensation and moisture problems in walls can be avoided.

To fulfill the requirements of both labor and production, at the heart of a cleanroom is correctly implemented air-conditioning. In a cleanroom, air-conditioning controls thermal conditions and air quality as well as any planned pressure differences in relation to the surroundings and between spaces inside a cleanroom.

The set cleanroom target levels especially defines the design parameters of the air-conditioning. When defining the design parameters of air-conditioning, two important questions are raised. How can we guarantee that products and production are not harmfully contaminated by particles of human origin and by other impurity sources from inside and outside of a cleanroom? Is an air exchange rate of ten times per hour enough or is an exchange rate of hundreds of times per hour required? The investment and operating costs are of course many times higher with the latter than with the former. The main aim of AX-Consulting’s cleanroom planning is a correctly selected complete solution that meets the needs of the customer both in terms of quality and cost.