Electrical systems are an integral part of the functionality of buildings and processes. At AX-Consulting, our experts ensure that the electricity, automation and HVAC systems of the property work together seamlessly, and thus make property use easier and the building function more energy efficiently.

AX-Consulting Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering for buildings

We provide expert services for industrial, public building and real-estate electrification and information systems, as well as for the design of telecommunication and security systems. At AX-Consulting, a wealth of knowledge and experience in industrial electrical engineering solutions can be found. We specialize in medium-voltage distribution networks, transformer substations, variable speed drives/ frequency converter use and ATEX areas, in addition to measurements and calculations, among others.

Building automation

Modern building automation provides many opportunities. The most important objective is to find a solution that fulfils the wishes of the owners of the building. In addition to the tuning of new buildings, the systems of older buildings can be enhanced to be more modern and energy-efficient.

Process electrification and automation

Industrial automation experts for both industry and energy production are found among our skilled staff. For example, we design industrial process electrification, field-level instrumentation, programming and control room displays. Process electrification and automation design support the overall planning process, of which we have extensive experience.

Programming and instrumentation design

A poorly implemented automation system provides false and confusing messages and forces employees to perform needless tasks. This can be avoided by designing every detail of the system to function properly. Our service covers the entire sector from the design of field-level instrumentation to automation and logic programming systems.