Energy services are needed in our built environment due to our nordic location. High standard of living and energy-intensive industry increase the demand of energy. Our ever-changing climate affects the energy production and energy distribution. In addition the district cooling systems are becoming more general in the biggest cities.

AX-Consulting Energy Production

Energy production and energy distribution

We conduct primary researches and feasibility studies for the energy industry. The studies include optimization of the production capacity and fuel simulations for the heating plants. Besides the facility investments’ profitability analysis, we provide assistance in the permit matters and survey projects. We are utilizing Grades Heating -software when producing calculations and simulations of the district heating networks. Our comprehensive engineering generates detailed layout and alignment drawings, profile and cross-section drawings, heat meter assembly drawings as well as implementation and procurement specifications.

The district cooling systems are replacing property-specific cooling systems. Centralized cooling energy production is energy efficient and it significantly reduces the risks related to production.

Steam technology and thermal oil systems

We are specialized in engineering steam- and thermal oil systems for the industry. We have designed those both for diverse industries such as food-, tyre-, pharmaceutical-, paper- and energy industries. Moreover, we are also serving education in these special fields.

Natural gas

Designing the natural gas networks is a part of our infrastructure engineering. In addition to engineering the natural gas networks and pressure-reducing stations, we also engineer end-user equipment and heating plants using natural gas.