Every responsible company strives to minimize the environmental impact they cause at least to the levels of their statutory environmental and safety obligations. We here at AX-Consulting have assisted hundreds of companies in achieving these goals. Our expertise covers the key aspects of environmental and safety engineering.

AX-Consulting Environmental engineering

Environmental management

Ever-changing and complex legislation creates obligations and adds further responsibility. We here at AX-Consulting perform the reports in accordance with regulations and help you to understand the intricacies of the law. We are experienced in environmental permits and chemical matters, among others, as well as quality- and environmental management systems. In addition, we carry out energy and material audits, as well as plans with which we find potential savings targets.

AX-Consulting´s areas of expertise in environmental management are as follows:

  • Environmental permit issues
  • Analysis of emission reduction
  • VOC treatment plants (for example incinerators, among others)
  • Dust removal
  • Odor panels, odor reduction solutions
  • Firefighting water plans
  • Environmental risk reports
  • Noise mitigation plans
  • Energy studies and audits

Safety engineering

Whether it is the use of dangerous chemicals, machine acquisition or even a construction project, any risks arising from the activities must be managed. Operators are provided with a number of obligations aimed at preventing human, environmental and property damage, as well as promoting public safety. AX-Consulting’s areas of expertise in safety engineering are as follows:

  • ATEX-consulting design
  • The drafting of explosion protection documents
  • Ex-area classification
  • Expert tasks related to the ATEX compliance of equipment
  • Chemical safety audits (VNa 856/2012)
  • Chemical accident scenarios and effect analysis modeling
  • Danger assessments and process risk analyses
  • Occupational hygiene risk assessments
  • Rescue plans
  • Safety coordination tasks in the estates.

Safety engineering is demanding and responsible specialist work. We have, from the very beginning, based our expertise on the thorough knowledge of hazardous processes, functions and materials that we have been able to deepen during other planning activities and especially during the measurements we have performed ourselves. Even though each project is unique and case-specific, the analogies are strong – experience offers significant help, even in this field. Our safety engineering customers represent the entire spectrum of the business community: everything from shipyards to the small businesses are in the group; painting business, bakeries, power plants, metal sector, carpenter shops and the chemical industry, not to mention schools, hospitals and research laboratories.

Occupational hygiene and safety

Measurements related to occupational hygiene and safe working environments are performed as a legal obligation as well as at the initiative of employers or employees. Furthermore, our comprehensive measurement expertise in addition to our knowledge of production and protection engineering allow for the implementation of corrective measures. Changes in process engineering, housings, local exhaust ventilation and general ventilation - our design services cover all areas to produce the best possible outcome.

AX-Consulting’s areas of expertise in occupational hygiene and safety are as follows:

  • Occupational hygiene measurements
  • Noise measurements
  • Environmental (airflow, heat, moisture, carbon dioxide)
  • Vibration measurements
  • Thermographic camera filming imaging
  • Local ventilation planning

Modeling and reports

Due to the well-being of the environment, legislation obliges companies to carry out a wide range of activities. AX-Consulting performs emission measurements, emission reduction plans and dispersion modelling reports. Modeling is an excellent tool for determining the spread of emissions, noise and hazardous gases, without forgetting odors. Additionally we have our own odor panel that can sniff out any odor nuisances! Modeling can also be used in preparation for accidents. In addition, we plan methods for decreasing emissions, as well as noise mitigation options, the impact of which on the environment can be modeled in advance.

AX-Consulting’s areas of expertise in modeling are as follows:

  • Emission, noise and odor dispersal modeling
  • Chemical accident scenarios, result analysis modeling
  • Explosion-pressure discharge calculations

Measurement services

Our measurement activities are very wide-ranging, practical and appropriate. The scope of our measurement services includes emission, indoor climate, occupational hygiene, noise, and HVAC- and energy measurements. When measuring, greater synergy can be achieved by performing all the measurements at the same time. We prepare understandable reports that include action proposals based on the measurement results. The expertise of our measurement personnel in all areas ensures a broad view on the matters at hand. Our measurement operations have their feet on the ground and keep a cool head!