Our industrial and building HVAC engineering services are top-notch. Our thorough understanding of industrial processes allows us to choose the best solution for the problems of our customers. We are specialized in the design of challenging and complex projects such as healthcare facilities, protected historic buildings, underground facilities and cleanrooms, to name just a few. In all your projects, AX-Consulting can provide everything except architectural design and structural engineering.

AX-Consulting HVAC

Building HVAC

Whether you are dealing with a market, a daycare center, an office, a hospital or any other kind of a public building, AX-Consulting can provide everything you need. Our experience covers, for example, everything from dolphinariums to underground facilities, as well as indoor ice rinks and hospital operating theaters. We make sure that the electrical, automation and security systems work hand-in-hand with the heating, piping and ventilation systems. Additionally, we provide simulations for energy issues and indoor air conditions.

Industrial HVAC

Do your industrial processes need heating, cooling, heat recovery or special ventilation? Is energy consumption too high or are you getting complaints about the working conditions? AX-Consulting has a long history of solving even the most demanding HVAC problems in the metal, plastic and food industries. When designing a new facility, our goal is to ensure that your process runs smoothly and your staff have safe and comfortable working conditions. Our expertise in the field of environmental engineering can provide the best solutions for emission reduction systems.

Tailored solutions for special cases

Providing satisfying indoor conditions for historic buildings can be quite a challenge. In most cases, it is forbidden to place HVAC equipment on roofs and modern, standard ducting solutions are not visually acceptable. In such cases, the design of HVAC systems calls for true professionals. AX-Consulting has wide experience in tailoring custom-made solutions for historically valuable buildings, which makes us your ideal partner for these challenging projects.