Our scope of activity includes various emission, occupational hygiene, powerplant and energy measurements as well as HVACEA, cooling, lighting, noise and cleanroom measurements in addition to air-conditioning system adjustments. In addition, we provide the measurements and field research necessary for the troubleshooting of technical issues in support of project planning. The planning process requires information on the actual operation of the machinery, equipment, structures and systems. For this reason, measurement services are a part of our daily activity.

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Emission measurements

We perform emission measurements as well as troubleshooting and process control measurements in accordance with the conditions stated in the industrial and energy production facilities permit. The emission measurement operation of the environmental unit of AX-LVI Consulting Ltd is the FINAS-accredited testing laboratory T232. The scope of the accreditation can be found on the FINAS website www.finas.fi. The institution complies with the requirements of standard SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

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Occupational hygiene measurements and reports

High levels of noise, poor ventilation and impurities in the inhaled air are examples of poor occupational hygiene and indoor climate. Our experience of occupational hygiene measurements and reports cover everything from small offices to the workstations of heavy industry. When designing workspaces, it is obvious that good working conditions are the starting point. Additionally, we offer assistance to various improvement projects in the grant-funding application processes.

Noise measurements, reports and modeling

We produce various kinds of noise reports for the industry, to plan residential areas, concert happenings or for any other noise producing factor. In addition to our traditional measurements, our services covers the reports made with SoundPLAN –noise modelling program.

As well as noise, we also use modelling programs for investigating the dispersion of emissions and hazardous gases.

Energy and HVAC-technical measurements

Measurements are essential in order to establish energy-savings potential. Measurements taken during energy analysis can also be used in other ways such as in condition assessment of building services technology. Even a well-designed HVAC-system will not operate perfectly without measurements and adjustments. Additionally, measurements are way to detect any possible faults. Our measurement experience and diverse knowledge of systems enable us to optimize the energy usage consumption and functioning of the system.

Energy audits, analyses and reports

Motiva audits and analyses are project reports supported by the Employment and Economic Development Ministry, from which detailed energy consumption reports and energy conservation suggestions with payback times are drawn up. AX-Consulting has extensive experience in audit activity, ranging from small service buildings to large factory complexes. Additionally, we provide the energy reports and certificates required for a building permit.

Development projects, studies and surveys

AX-Consulting has a long history in the performing and making of project planning, technical issue reports, government reports, and a variety of guides, brochures and research reports. Our experienced staff and comprehensive field measurement equipment give us the capabilities to solve problems as well as to present difficult technical issues in an understandable manner.