Process engineering begins with layout-, space requirement- and process flow diagram designing. The plant and piping engineering is generated with 3D modelling software, including equipment and instrumentation, primary and secondary supports, steel structures, insulations, pipe racks and maintenance platforms.

AX-Consulting Factory Design

Process engineering

The layout planning is conducted by the space requirements of the various process functions. Flow and thermal engineering is the basis for the process flow diagrams. We perform pressure equipment engineering, pipeline flexibility analysis and strength calculation for the steel structures. Dealing with process engineering, we design also pipe racks and steel structures.

3D design

Our plant design and 3D modeling is done by using Vertex G4 Plant engineering software. In addition to plan and cutaway drawings, we produce isometric and axonometric drawings of the pipelines. We also produce parts lists, valve and material listings.

Risk analysis and risk assessments

In many industrial sites the zone classification drawings and explosion protection documents are required depending on the circumstances. We compile these documents simultaneously with the rest of the plant engineering. We produce risk assessments for the bigger heat and steam boiler plants.