When cooling and coldness are required, the experts at AX-Consulting are here to help. We offer the design of tailor-made and demanding environmentally friendly heat pump systems.

AX-Consulting Building cooling and refrigeration systems

Building cooling and refrigeration systems

We provide expert services for the refrigeration system engineering of large residential buildings, commercial properties and public buildings, in addition to the energy auditing of refrigeration plants. We are familiar with the air cooling processes that occur in air conditioning devices as well as with various beam and convector networks, among others. We have extensive experience in the cooling of demanding IT-rooms and data centres, in addition to a variety of free-standing cooling systems.

Industrial cooling and refrigeration systems

An appropriate solution to the cooling and refrigeration requirements of the facilities and processes of various fields of industry can be found with the help of AX-Consulting – be it refrigeration or deep-freezing with ammonium or carbon dioxide acting as the refrigerant and either direct or indirect systems.

Special refrigeration

Do you need ice for an ice hockey hall, cooling for shop displays or to create conditions for skiing in the summer? We additionally have experience in exploiting natural waters in varying cooling operations as well as in a variety of demanding industrial kitchen and laboratory systems. We customize every component to create a system that completely fulfils the needs of the customer.

Heat pump plants

Our expertise in heat pumps is extensive. Our expertise in refrigeration technology enables us to provide customers with systems in which the heat pump is integrated into the process or the refrigeration plant. We tailor the most suitable heat pump solution for our customers.